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Some things you should know about us

About us

We are a young but experienced team that’s not afraid to take on challenges and bring crazy ideas and beautiful stories to life.

We have 7 years of experience in Videography & Photography and we are not going to stop here.
Yes, we are bold! But we can make it happen, for you, for us, for anyone who needs to tell a story or create a shape of their visions.
So come on over and tell us yours!
We are based in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Our ‘playground’ it’s in Cipariu Square. We’ll be happy to present you our team and show you how we can do magic! We might sound a little crazy, but we are creatively crazy!
We are HOLA Media, and we’ll bring value to your company!

The team

Horatiu Curutiu


In a world where everything is unpredictable, you need a warrior to keep it all together! For Horatiu, CEO doesn’t stand for Chief Executive Officer , it stands for „the Calculated Eagle-eyed Omniscient”: The creator of impossible ideas. (with a little team help)

Denisa Surdu

Marketing Guru

She likes running a lot, and not only in the park, she also likes running creative ads, organized campaigns, social media strategies and stretching big words.

Sandu Macrinici

Video Editor/Grip

Is hard to hear him when he speaks, but at work, his voice echoes happily in his nice-mounted frames.

George Vasile

Camera Operator/Video editor

He analyses, shoots and then cuts. Digital footage of course. He is operating the camera, rigging lights to editing, coloring and sometimes compositing footage. Requires coffee at start-up

Iulia Lazarean

Creative Director

She may not be a meat-eatter,but she has the right „proteins” in order to graphicly represent any message, in a delicious manner.

George Szabo

Video Editor/Colorist

He was passionated by arts since kindergarten: he liked to cut paper, but now he loves to cut and mount our footages.


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